• Roman Hultso
  • design consultant
  • Writing enthusiast
My story

A few words about…

In the 90s I was studying electrical engineering and watching too much MTV. Not sure which exactly of the two has given me a spin towards my future career, but early in the 00s I found myself creating animated banners and designing websites. I loved it so relentlessly that I sold my telly and left the hometown pursuing the path of a global digital nomad.

Nowadays I’m spinning at intersection of visual communication, interaction design and user interfaces, sharpening my pencils for the next decade. And that is - the fascinating world of user experience design.

Here is what I've been doing so far:

  • • developing creative concepts
  • • creating visual and interaction design guidelines
  • • delivering visually stunning presentations
  • • planning and executing creative strategies
  • • coordinating creative tasks and assignments
  • • coaching and mentoring creative and cross-functional teams
  • • consulting clients and managing client relationships
  • • designing screen layouts of any kind
  • • developing corporate designs and corporate identity
  • • designing logos, icons and infographics
  • • developing wireframes with functional and behavioral descriptions
  • • producing prototypes for software, websites or mobile applications
  • • creating storyboards for animations, interactions or videos
  • • designing user interfaces for mobile applications or interactive signage
  • • creative briefs and presentations
  • • storyboards and production scripts
  • • product and service descriptions
  • • writing stuff about life
  • • playing guitar
  • • jogging and biking
  • • meditating

Work & life

Make it simple or don't do it at all.

  • 2017
  • Jan 17

    Back to freelance

    Working as a very independent design consultant and SEO/ASO specialist

  • 2015
  • Jun 15

    Won a prize with #healthhackers

    Team winner in The Most Creative Idea category for Parkinson patients’ life-tracking system on the innovate.healthcare Hackathon.

  • 2014
  • Jul 14

    Got high-tech

    Team winner in Growth category for Virtual Promoter at the Cyber One High-Tech Award. Co-authored the product idea at ameria GmbH in 2012.

  • 2013
  • Feb 13

    Willkommen in Deutschland

    Relocated to Germany.

  • 2008
  • Apr 08

    Mad man

    Started as a Creative Director at ameria Group.

  • May 08

    And the Oscar goes to

    A prize in Interactive Advertising category, for an interactive Flash-website Svetoforfilm on the 9th Kyiv International Advertising Festival.

  • 2007
  • Jun 07

    Shortlisted in the 8th Kyiv International Advertising Festival

    Interactive Advertising category, for series of interactive banners Toyota Avensis.

  • 2006
  • Mar 06

    Entered DDM Studio / Publicis as an Art Director

  • Sep 06

    Shortlisted in an International poster competition "QUANTO? Project"

    A poster competition initiated by Prostitution Research & Education nonprofit organization.

  • 2005
  • Nov 05

    Shortlisted on the 2nd Moscow Design and Interactive Art Festival DeArt 2005

    Participated in exhibition.

  • 2004
  • Sep 04

    Moved to a Freelance mode as an Art Director and Web / Graphic Designer

  • Nov 04

    Became a happy father

  • Sep 04

    Shortlisted in an All-Ukrainian poster competition "Prevention and Counteraction to Corruption"

    The competition sponsored by the Centre for Ukrainian Reform Education. Participated in exhibition.

  • 2003
  • Nov 03

    Got a prize in an All-Ukrainian poster competition "A Candle in the Window"

    3rd prize for the series of posters dedicated to the 70th Anniversary of the Artificial Famine/Genocide in Ukraine 1932-33. Participated in exhibition.

  • 2001
  • Jul 01

    Started as a Senior Web Designer at Altima Web Systems

    Eventually have been promoted to an Art Director.

  • 2000
  • Apr 00

    In the beginning

    Worked as a Web / Graphic Designer at JSC Lvivoblenergo, Industar Cybernetics Corp., Internet agency o+K Salton.

  • 1999
  • Aug 99

    Got married

    Live happily ever after.

  • 1976
  • May 76

    Back then in the USSR

    Born in Skadowsk, Ukraine (former USSR).

What's on the radio

  • “The key qualities you possess: ability to listen and understand customer/clients needs; ability to synthesize given information and translate the needs into feasible and practical solutions."

    Clients' station

  • “Roman is conceptually creative and strategically-minded.”

    Partners' station

  • “I have no doubt he'll be a reliable partner to work with no matter what area he chose to work in the future.”

    Employers' station

  • “You’ve been proven as a very trustworthy, reliable and credible partner that learns on the fly and is very enthusiastic about new challenges. Don’t lose it!”

    Clients' station

  • “He has made a great contribution to growing our business and delivering results up to clients' expectations.”

    Employers' station

  • “I think Roman will be a great asset to any company because of his knowledge, skills, ambition and integrity.”

    Colleagues' station

  • “Roman's creativity, attention to detail and constant focus on improvement has really made it a pleasure to work with him.”

    Employers' station

  • “He has the skill and experience to take a concept and execute it with a craftsman’s attention to detail.”

    Partners' station

  • “Thanks to his leadership, talent and expertise all projects delivered by creative team were up to Clients' expectations.”

    Colleagues' station

  • “He presents work well and takes feedback and input attentively.”

    Partners' station

  • “His keen eye and high attention to detail helped him to produce splendid pieces of work.”

    Clients' station

  • “I was impressed with his ability to consider – and balance – strategic issues, creative concepts and practical considerations.”

    Partners' station

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